Projects (to do list)

Climate change solutions:

  • Shrink population by upgrading social complexity from ‘Nuclear Family’ to ‘Carbon Family’ structure, i.e. more parents per child.
    Image result for atom 1 neutron                  Image result for arrowImage result for benzene ring
  • Improve wellbeing around the world to reduce childbirth.
    • Accelerate and intensify & promote the ‘immigration’ and ‘refugee’ cycles, enrich everyone who enters the developed world so that they may return with the knowledge, drive and ambition to develop wellbeing in the place of birth or where they call it ‘home’.
  • Effect:
    From this (humanity in grey):
    human network on earth big
    to this:human network on earth small
  • Invent nano solar cells that feed the human body through the skin. Imagine a lotion on your skin that transforms sunshine into the energy that the body needs.
    • Reduces pressure on plants and cultivated animals.
  • Test genetic engineering on livestock animals instead of plants.
    • reduces appetite for meat, so we can gradually out phase the meat industry.
    • reduces risk of infecting our essential food source (plants, bacteria, fungi, etc.).
  • Define oil as a endangered resource/ element of human herritage (like the wonders of the world/ something for in a museum.
  • Enforce the creation of Sustainability Commissions in every company consisting of employees of every layer, much like the companies need a Participation Council if they are a certain size.

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