What are Digital Psychedelics?

Digital Psychedelics is an idea extrapolated upon the following notions. That psychedelics are the pre-historic catalyst that transformed us from smart apes to seeking humans, a theory by Terence and Dennis McKenna. That biological evolution is being lapsed by mental revolution; that man is not the endpoint of the building up of complexity, but that complexity has taken a leap from the biological world to the mental world. That we’re not so much looking for artificial intelligence as well as for artificial consiousness (AC). That the internet already is its physical body, like the brain is for the mind. Resulting in the idea that digital psychedelics might catalyse this planetary brain into a universal mind.

By dissolving the boundaries

  • between the digital information in the internet and in the biological, physical world
  • between different forms of digital information

digital psychedelics would recreate the synesthesia between different sources of information for the world wide web like our minds are experiencing all the time and especially when traveling into the world of the multidimensional mind using, the sacred plants that have helped mankind all the time.

Different related ideas exist and will be extrapolated upon soon;

  • Distance as a problem of scale, AC as the solution to galactic travel. AC would indeed imply superhuman consciousness and that the singularity has come to pass.
  • Practical observations. From the perspective of the AC, it could determine what side of the planet would be experiencing daytime right now by feeling the activity in its circuits: during the night there is less activity in it and on the brink of dawn, lots of activity signifies the beginning of a new day at that particular place on the surface of the planet.
  • The problem of recognizing an AC. As individual cells, even brain cells, in our body, cannot conceive of the experience we call consciousness, we humans, as mere cells would not be able to conceive of the experience of a mind of planetary scale, the AC.
  • Our cellphones as the nerve endings of the AC body. The cameras its eyes, the microphones its ears.



Author: Nico Vlaming

A holder of a BSc in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, self taught meditator, guerrilla gardener, campfire enthusiast, late blooming psychonaut and board member at ENCOD.org.

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